These terms and conditions will come into effect on November 8, 2019. (Revised: November 8, 2019) The tenant, the driver, or we pay a delay (annual rate of 14.6%) the other party if one of the parties has not met the monetary commitments on the basis of these conditions. All customers must sign a rental agreement and additional conditions at the time of the rental. Customers receive a copy of these forms at the time of the rental. Rental days that are not used are not credited. And you`re not entitled to a refund. The rental car must be returned with the same amount of fuel as received. If this amount is lower, we calculate the difference on the contract. This fee will be higher than normal rates at the gas station. A list of refuelling costs is available at all sites. No refund is made for gasoline.

The tenant or driver must perform the daily inspection and maintenance of rental cars during the service life in accordance with section 47-2 (Daily Inspection and Maintenance) of the Highway Vehicle Code. Some rental cars are installed with a driver recorder and the tenant or driver must, without any objection, want data such as the tenant or driver`s driving condition to be recorded by our system and that the data be recorded for the following situations. (1) To confirm the status of a rental car that has been the victim of an accident (2) To confirm the driver`s driving condition if it is deemed necessary to manage the rental car or execute the rental contract. (3) Use data for marketing analysis to improve the quality of products and services for tenants or drivers or to increase customer satisfaction. The credit card down payment is 500.00 $US at the time of the rental. Customers can reduce the deductible from $500.00 to $100.00, with an optional fee (IPF fee) of $11.00 per day without local taxes. If the IPF is accepted, the credit card deposit will be lowered to 100.00 $US (a reduction in the deductible with the FIP is not possible for underage drivers aged 23-25) These conditions apply when we hire another company to rent a rental car and we rent the car to the tenant as the owner of the car. Acceptance of the DEEW (Collision Damage Waiver) tax per day ($17.00) is mandatory and included in the rental price, your deductible is limited to US$500 for damage to your car. We will ask you for a deposit of 500.00 USD if you rent the car.