As an NHSC-approved website, we can help you in your efforts to hire, hire and retain clinicians. Follow the steps in our NHSC application process. Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) with satellites that must be added as authorized sites must NOT submit an application via the BHW Customer Service Portal. The FQHC must submit a copy of the Grant Award (NGA) or Change In Scope (CIS) for the satellite, along with the following information, to the TX Primary Care Office NHSC, which asks each site (except for individual private practices) to list two location contacts (POCs). At least one POC must be made available in each of the following NHSC roles: Before filing a location request or recertification, websites should contact the TX Primary Care Office (TPCO) to determine eligibility and read the current site`s reference guide. As part of the NHSC`s location authorization or recertification process, websites must download the following documents: Check the agreement on the NHSC website (PDF – 358 Mb) and receive all the requirements that your website must meet, both at the time of application and during the duration of the NHSC website`s stay. Outpatient treatment options for substance use. A site approved by the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) is a health facility that generally provides comprehensive outpatient, dental or mental health services to population groups in the Health Professional Reception Areas (HHSA) and is committed to meeting the requirements and qualifications of the NHSC site. To become an NHSC-approved website, most sites must submit an NHSC location request for verification and approval through the Bureau of Health Workforce (BHW) customer services portal and request a recertification every three years. For more information on authorizing the NHSC website, visit For multi-entity organizations, each physical location and/or mobile unit, regardless of site type, requires a separate application. The TX Primary Care Office (TPCO) conducts the first evaluation of the line and then sends a recommendation to BHW`s Regional Operations Division (DRO) for the final decision.

Non-discrimination policy. Download a copy of the patient non-discrimination website on the basis of race, skin colour, gender, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. When the website is approved, POC information on the Health Workforce Connector is available to the public. FQHCs can e-mail this information to the NHSC Liaison at the TX Primary Care Office (TPCO). Upon review, the information and documents will be forwarded to the BHW Regional Operations Division (DRO), which will be added as an approved website.