An articulated secondary course is a course in which it has been found that a supplementary course at the secondary level is comparable to a specific community training course. This equivalence, or articulation, can be carried out by course, for important needs and/or for general education needs. In some cases, courses are articulated (are identified) only as courses of choice. This means that, although the units are transferred, the course does not meet any of the requirements listed above. NOTE: Please check if there is an up-to-date articulation agreement for your subject in your school HERE. is the official repository of the articulation for California colleges and universities (UC, CSU, CCC`s) and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on the public transfer of students to California. While work is underway to bring you a new ASSIST, you`ll also find additional articulation information about TempIST. Before we begin the papers, let`s take a brief look at what an articulation agreement is: articulation is the process that connects two educational institutions to help students make a smooth transition from a community college like Santa Ana College to a four-year college or university without suffering a delay or doubling of Sework Court. Courses at Community College are considered equivalent to those of the university. This allows students to meet a university requirement by completing an equivalent course (directed course) identified at Community College. FIDM has equivalency guides with many transfer institutions. The following list can help you see which external course credits are transferred to FIDM, but remember that all universities regularly introduce new courses, and this list may change. If your college is not listed, contact an admissions advisor for a personalized evaluation of transcripts by calling 800-624-1200 or emailing with “Transfer Questions.” Such credit can only be granted to a well-known university-registered student and only for a course in the Community College catalogue.

The current list of articulation courses can be find below. Specifies courses that are only taught at FIDM`s Bachelor of Science to complement the lower section of general education requirements of the lower section of students. “Credit by exam” is a long-standing mechanism that can be used to provide credits for proven learning. Contact Admissions to initiate a transcript evaluation request.