Canada and Ukraine have concluded negotiations on the Customs Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement. This new agreement will ensure the proper application of customs legislation and will prevent and combat customs infringements. He added that it was possible to get an agreement on youth mobility that would allow students to come to Canada for the academic year. The Youth Mobility Agreement provides for simplified entry permits and simplified work permits. Canada and Ukraine have agreed to move the negotiations forward for young Canadians and Ukrainians who wish to enter, stay, travel and work in the other country. This agreement will strengthen the relationships between the people who are the basis of our strong relationships. The new Democrats believe that an essential first step in supporting Ukraine is to reach an agreement allowing Ukrainians visa-free access to Canada. Such an agreement would facilitate contacts between Canadian and Ukrainian civil society organizations, an important element in helping to strengthen reform efforts in Ukraine. It would also build on the success of the Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement in the mutual interest of both economies. It would be a regime similar to the one that Ukraine has with the European Union and would supplement Canadians` visa-free access to Ukraine. This is a priority issue for the Ukrainian government. In addition, Canada should restart the Youth Mobility Agreement with Ukraine, which allows qualified Ukrainians to apply and work within Canada for up to one year.

This program ended in 2010. The new Democrats recommend developing and strengthening our relationship between Parliament and Parliament. This should include technical assistance from the Ukrainian parliament in strengthening accountability mechanisms based on our experience with institutions such as the Auditor`s Office and the Public Finance Committee. The Youth Exchange Agreement, which Ukraine and Canada intend to sign in the coming months, will allow citizens of both countries to implement a simplified reciprocal university and employment travel procedure for up to one year. This was announced by Ukrainian President Wolodymyr Zelenskyy in Toronto at a joint briefing with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. [2] CANADEM, “CANADEM`s Deployments to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine,” 2015. The Chair added that the extension of the free trade agreement between Ukraine and Canada to services and investment, agreed by the parties, would create additional opportunities for IT entrepreneurs and other sectors. “And that means more jobs, better relations between our countries,” he said. “I would really like young Ukrainians to have the knowledge and experience in this area,” the president said. If you have a refugee travel document issued by a country that has a youth mobility agreement with Canada, you are not allowed to participate.

They may also be inadmissible for safety, health or funding reasons.