3.1 Each member assures, guarantees and undertakes to provide a) accurate, current and complete information about himself and his professional references, as required by Alibaba.com, and (b) to immediately maintain and modify all information in order to keep it accurate, accurate, current and complete. As far as possible by applicable law, each Member grants an irrevocable, unlimited, global and free license, sub-conceded (on several levels), in order to Alibaba.com display and use all information provided by that Member in accordance with the purposes set out in this Agreement and to exercise the copyright, advertising and database that you have on these documents or information in all currently known or unknown media. Data protection information is only used and retained in accordance with these laws. (i) The partner has every right to grant Alibaba and its related companies permissions, on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis, to use the brands of prepaid suppliers free of charge in the territory and on the AliExpress platform (or the succession URL that Alibaba may provide) for the purposes of this agreement. 1.1 WELCOME TO ALIBABA. COM`S FREE SERVICE (the “SERVICE”). The terms and conditions of the Alibaba.com Free Membership Agreement (this “agreement”) are established between you (“member”) and the company Alibaba.com, which was established under this clause 1.1 (“Alibaba.com”), under which Alibaba.com allows you to access and use the service through the websites, mobile sites, mobile applications and other portals that are, from time to time, owned by Alibaba.com, operated, tagged or made available on Alibaba.com or e-commerce Aliexpress.com platforms, including, but not limited to: (a) web and mobile versions of websites identified by the single resource landlord “www.alibaba.com” and “www.aliexpress.com”; and (b) the mobile applications of the Alibaba e-commerce platform and the Aliexpress e-commerce platform (together the “sites”). (d) at its own expense, all governments; to maintain the licenses, consents and authorizations of the administration or other licenses, in accordance with applicable laws or as part of an agreement or instrument to which it is involved or linked, for the performance of obligations arising from this agreement (including the consent of third parties and/or the necessary authorizations by each of the suppliers of prepaid products with respect to the sale of the products listed on the AliExpress platform and/or compliance); AND NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree to be bound to the following conditions, taking into account the mutual agreements established in this agreement and for other good and valuable considerations whose receipt and sufficiency are recognized.