Return to your App Store Connect, Agreements, Taxation and Banking As a general rule, the changes are minor and do not deserve to be mentioned. But if Apple makes significant changes, places like MacStories, 9to5Mac, MacRumors and Daring Fireball (among others) will include them. In the past, even the FER has kept articles on the licensing agreement. An alternative could be an application that offers a visual difference between two PDF documents. I`ve tried DiffPDF, but it turns out that this application isn`t sophisticated enough to handle the changes that accumulate after a few pages. If you have another proposal, it would be welcome. I`m not sure you`ll really have to search the content with each new update looking for changes. In this case, it may be enough to rely on the different sources of information, as they tend to highlight only the important changes (or rather the most important changes). However, when I go to agreements, taxes and banking, I see both the agreement on free and paid apps, but when I click Vue, there is nothing I can accept. It`s a pop-up window with a list of countries and a button at the end that says “close.” And that`s it. Another action is not possible.

No other option in the Action column. Switch to and log in to your account. Sign in to your Apple developer account me too, call developers 4006701855 for many times, but no response, thanks for reporting this problem. This error often indicates that the program license agreement was not agreed on the developers` website. Please ask the account holder to verify the current agreement at: If this has already been agreed or if no warning appears on this page, please let us know. But here`s the question: I already have my phone number in I even add two phone numbers, but when I come back to the Developer Center, the same note is always displayed above and there is only the edit phone number icon on the right side. What for? What`s the problem? Do you know of a place where a summary of the changes between versions of the agreement is presented (perhaps somewhere on one of Apple`s sites and I just missed them)? 1. Change your account information address: 2. In the security part in the Chinese “anquan,” go and work it. 3.

Most of the import steps is to add your trusted phone number, then your developer account will continue to be used. Good luck! TRUSTED PHONE NUMBERS If you change countries, the agreements will also change. Click above on the “Check summary” button, read and accept the updated license agreement From time to time, Apple updates their iOS Developer Program License Agreement, but unfortunately they never give any indication of what they have changed since the previous version of the agreement.