You can find a copy of the seniors list on your portal. As soon as you access “My Portal,” go to the “My Concordia” menu and click Faculty – Personal Services. In the Employee Self-Service menu, you`ll find the link to the CUPFA seniors list and you can access your seniority credits. In addition, your department head can provide you with a copy. Up-to-date disc lists will be published in your department in February of each year, and it`s time to look for errors. To correct an error or check your work history, contact Suzanne Downs, the propste`s office under and copy the Association: Please note that it is the member`s responsibility to ensure that your ranking and seniority are correct. 2) The member selects one of the three previous options until the expiry of the 22 (22) days covered by Section 27.15 (a) or 27.16 (a). If the member has not made a choice at the end of this 22.22-day period, he is considered the option of Article 27.14 1) (a) and signs an agreement in the form of Schedule 10A. 17.03 The job description made available to the member at the time of recruitment contains the duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled by the member. Any revision of this description is carried out by mutual agreement and is made available to the member in writing by the Dean. 27.23 If an invention has more than one inventor (co-inventor), the decision to make a declaration of invention and to authorize the employer to market is made by the co-inventors. In the event that the co-inventors fail to reach an agreement, the matter will be referred to the COAP in accordance with Articles 27.03 to 27.08.

Concordia`s Board of Governors approves four employment contracts. Read the ad. (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 12.05 (c) and Section 39, on the recommendation of a CPD and with the consent of the Dean, retired faculty members may, for a term of 26% (26%) as an LTA. the teacher`s salary to teach two (2) courses. They keep their pension title. 27.20 An explicit reference to the dispute resolution procedures in this article is considered to be contained in any marketing agreement with the member, whether it is an independent invention or a qualifying invention. (d) Notwithstanding Article 42.08 (c), as long as the phased retirement period is three (3) years, another model may be negotiated between the member and the dean, subject to this progressive retirement plan with an average working time of 50% (50%) during the three years of phased retirement. A copy of the contract will be sent to the association. Concordia values each faculty and staff member and respects their right to be represented by a union or staff organization. We strive to develop and maintain positive, respectful and constructive relationships with all employee groups during negotiations and throughout the duration of negotiated agreements.

We negotiate at the negotiating table, with the negotiating teams selected for this purpose by the staff concerned. 27.10 The employer is authorized to sign and, if necessary, negotiate any agreement on all grants, contracts and other agreements that involve funds, sponsorships, research aids of any kind, in cash or in kind.