On July 2, 2017, Donald Trump tweeted a video of Vince McMahon wearing the CNN logo on McMahon`s face. Several sources, including the New York Times, NBC News, the BBC and the Washington Post, reported that the clip had appeared on the subreddit about four days earlier. [91] [114] [115] [116] On July 3, however, the White House denied that the video came directly from Reddit. [92] I have been practicing all four agreements for a few years… Every time I marvel at them, I go back to a chasm in my life. Keeping in mind the four chords is very liberating and allows me to get a piece of control of the elements that is exhilarating. I just read the fifth chord and what a “coincidence” I started to practice more acceptance… I soon know, as when I practice to let go of judgment, I stop judging myself, I believe that I accept myself when I begin to accept others… In February 2018, Inquisitr reported an analysis that revealed that r/The_Donald had thousands of messages from Russian propagandists, making it one of the largest Russian propaganda hubs on the Internet. [129] Shortly thereafter, The Daily Beast received documents from the Russian-backed online research agency Troll Farm, which confirmed that the organization was using its agitators on subreddits such as r/The_Donald and r/HillaryForPrison before the 2016 elections.

[130] On November 22, 2016, the r/The_Donald moderators announced that they would begin withdrawing articles on certain conspiracy theories, such as the unmasked Pizzagate conspiracy theory and a rumor that Julian Assange had disappeared, citing that such content was “thoughtful discussions or content related to Trump.” [8] The next day, Steve Huffman admitted to changing the comments of r/The_Donald users by replacing his username (u/spez) in their comments, which instead insulted him with the usernames of r/The_Donald moderators. [44] Huffman said of the change: “I had fun with them, they had fun with me, but we will not tolerate harassment for others.” [44] A week later, Huffman apologized for its actions and offered the site a filtering feature that allows users to exclude subreddits from their r/all site. [45] As of February 2017, the subreddit of Reddit`s r/popular update homepage and other “politically targeted subreddits” were clearly excluded. [46] [47] [48] In March 2017, r/The_Donald users accused Reddit of being discriminated against when Reddit`s r/The_Donald advertising platform was available as 6,000,000 subscribers instead of the 385,000 displayed on the subreddit Live meter. [106] The Director of Communications reddit stated that the discrepancy between the subscriber was a simple registration error, in which the counting of “single daily visitors” is incorrectly referred to as “subscribers” and that the error will be partially corrected by the end of the day. In a later article, I sketched the chords with the video clips of the author and his son DON Jose talking about them. They touch on the principle that leads us directly to the Fifth Convention, their new book. In February 2017, after Kellyanne Conway became aware of the fake Bowling Green massacre, SFGate found that the subreddit`s response to the incident was “varied – and rather muffled.” Some users shared the video without criticism, while others thought the incident was intentionally part of a broader Trump administration strategy. [145] Similarly, in May 2017, Subreddit users began rewriting memes for the murder of Seth Rich, which took place in Washington D.C. [111] Mashable described the posts as a distraction, as just hours after the Washington Post was published, users announced that Trump had leaked secret information to Russian officials. [146] Later, Gizmodo reported that at one point, 20 of the top 26 articles on subreddit were related to the murder of Seth Rich.

[144] After the Las Vegas massacre in 2017, Subreddits initially believed the suspect was Muslim in the incident and wrote comments on the ban on Muslims and refugees.