Learning a language is RECOVERY, and students need countless repetitions of something to really get the shoot. Consider trying this critical activity that looks like a quiz game, but is much more student-centric. Find out all the details here: One of the ways to introduce and teach this important grammar point is a listening lesson. In this case, students may need to listen to something and choose examples of correspondence between the subject and the verb. Or maybe you`d like to find an exercise from a non-native speaker who has a few mistakes in them, and get students to choose them. There is a subject-verb conformity error when the subject and verb do not match in the number. For example, a singular subject (he) with a plural dish (eating). The right form is, “He eats.” A fun topic verb agreement ESL game to play with your student is this Board Race One. Divide the class into teams. The number depends on how much space you have on the board. The first student of each team grabs a marker.

Here, the noun “species” does not change the form to show a plural, even if the meaning changes. In this case, be sure to speak in the singular or plural meaning and be sure to change the verb. A simple way to reinforce or introduce the correspondence between the subject and the verb is to give students a quick reading passage with different examples. Next, students must quickly scan the text and highlight themes and verbs. After that, they can compare the examples found with a partner and finally with the whole class. Much of the sentence structure and the making of complete sentences in English conform to the topics. If you want to focus on the overall picture, you should in any case look at some of these recommendations for games and activities: after all, in English, we can combine the specific article THE with an adjective to create a group name that “all of …┬áThat means. This is a common practice for nationalities. They also take a plural account. If you are looking for an ideal activity for absolute beginners, then you should consider role-playing games….