33 (1) The following persons, when they take office on 30 November 2000, shall remain in office until the first municipal council is held: 5. The cost of the elections to be paid in 2000 shall be included in the operational budget of the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth for the year 2000. Orders the regional municipality to pay those costs in accordance with the instructions of the person designated pursuant to paragraph 2. The voting costs to be paid in 2001 shall be borne by the city. 4. The Transition Committee shall act as a council to take the decisions to be taken by the Council under the Local Electoral Law of 1996 for the regular elections. The municipal council makes these decisions as soon as the council is organized. 16.1 For the purposes of Article 187(4) of the Municipal Act, the estimated revenue of the city for the year 2000 is the sum of the estimated revenue of the former municipalities, as shown in the forecasts for the year 2000. 2000, c. 5, see 3 (5).

(b) all assets and liabilities of the former municipalities on 31 December 2000, including all rights, interests, authorizations, statutes, registrations, rights and contractual obligations, become on 1 January 2001 assets and liabilities of the city without compensation. 1999, about 14, ched. C, p. 5 (3). “city” means the City of Hamilton, established by that Act; (“cited”) 3. Where an agreement is concluded, no application for certification by a negotiator to represent workers in a former municipality not forming part of a bargaining unit at the time of conclusion of the contract may be submitted during the period beginning ten days after its performance and ending on its entry into force. 1999, about 14, ched. C, p. 29 (3). 4. The city may not, after 2002, adopt statutes for a given year (the “Applicable Year”) in respect of a particular particular service, unless the following conditions are met: (5) Until the organization of the municipal council elected in the 2000 regular elections, each former municipality retains the powers it has as of December 31, 2000; for emergency management purposes. 1999, about 14, ched.

C, p. 5 (5). 11.7 1. No person, municipality or local authority may provide such services or facilities in the municipal territory authorized by the waste management authorities authorized by the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth, pursuant to section 150 of the Regional Municipalities Act of 31 December 2000, without the consent of the city, which may be granted under such conditions. including the payment of compensation, as agreed. 2000, c. 5, see 3 (4); 2002, about 17, ched. F, table.

1. In 2002, the city adopted a special service statute. 5. The city may not pass by-law under this division for 2009 or a subsequent year. 1999, about 14, ched. C, p. 13 (5). (2) The power of the city is subject to the Liquor Licence Act. 2000, c. 5, see 3 (4). 3.

Subject to a regulation referred to in paragraph 5, to designate one or more amalgamated areas of the city as an area in which occupants and owners will receive or receive an additional municipal benefit from the special benefit that is not used or is not used in the other amalgamated areas of the city. 12 (1) Subject to the restrictions set out in this Division, the city may, by its articles, do the following: (9) The Minister may, by by-law, apply to the city to exercise its powers under this Division and may require the city to do so in respect of the assets and liabilities defined in the by-law, and this in the manner defined by the Regulation . . .