Teamwork agreements are a simple practice that you can use to do wonders for creating new teams and reforming existing ones. These agreements are a consolidation of guidelines defining how groups wish to cooperate and what they ideally want, both in the working environment and with each other, in order to promote a safe and productive environment. Your teamwork agreement must be easily accessible and accessible to all team members. It`s easy to forget something you`ve only seen once in a meeting. Find creative ways to bring key elements of your agreement within reach of your team in a consistent way. One of the ways to do this is to create some kind of mural in the main work area where the instructions are displayed. Work agreements are a simple and powerful way to create explicit policies for the type of work culture you want for your team. They are a memory for all of how they can commit to respectful behavior and communication. In this article, we help you understand why these agreements are useful and how you can help your team establish their own agreements.

When designing teamwork agreements, there are physical and virtual environmental considerations: the most important part of drafting a working agreement is that it must be implemented by the entire team. If you`re a decision-maker or influencer on your team, this is easy to do. Otherwise, you`ll need to convince your teammates of the benefits of creating one. It is important to remind the team that these actions are not even triggered.