Can I spend the summer on campus? Yes, students can register for summer accommodation. You can also sign up for summer accommodation at Housing Sign-Ups. Summer accommodation is located in Holst Hall. What is the possibility of placing first-year students in campus apartments or three times temporary due to overcrowding? At the beginning of the fall semester, we can see more students who want accommodation than we usually have a place. In this situation, these students could be assigned to a private lounge or increased capacity in one of our larger spaces. These students are assigned a regular place as soon as places are available. Living in residences on campus is an opportunity for students at Youngstown State University. As a member of this community, you have many rights and privileges. In exchange, you are expected to respect the rights and privileges of others.

These rules and regulations as well as the Student Code of Conductivity must allow all resident students to have a pleasant living environment. Both documents are available to you via the YSU website. Their responsibility is to familiarize themselves with these rules and regulations and to respect them. A violation of these rules and regulations constitutes a violation of your residency contract and may lead to disciplinary action. All residents are expected to work with the staff of the residence and respect their wishes. 5. Cancellation/Release. This agreement commits the resident for the entire academic year. Residents can cancel their application without penalty if notification is received before May 1.

New residents should contact the accrediting body.